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Nature in times of corona

The first victim of corona litter in the Netherlands. A young perch, caught in the thumb of a corona glove, found during a clean-up here in the Oude Vest in Leiden. The base of the thumb is torn open, probably as a result of a brief struggle. A perch has large spines on its back, so swimming backwards is not an option. Being more careful with your waste is.

The perch went global. It made CNN, was picked up by The Guardian and posted by National Geographic. Still in its glove, it is exhibited above the canal in which it was found. It is one of the stories from the exhibition 'Nature in times of corona'.

Perch trapped in glove Auke Florian Hiemstra

Window exhibitions

Take a look through the windows of our bridge operator's house and learn all about the plastic in the canals and our special urban nature. From stuffed animals and canal beasts on ethanol; but also our best treasures and weirdest finds of plastic pollution encountered during our clean-ups. Throughout the year, collection pieces are exhibited in various 'window exhibitions'. You can visit them for free, from outside, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Admission is free, but donations are always welcome.

Nature in times of corona
A fish caught in a corona glove and the first of the many thousands of mouthguards we had to fish out of the canal last year, are some of the masterpieces that will be on display in the coming months. The exhibition 'Nature in times of corona' runs until the end of November 2021.