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Borrel nieuwe ligplaats met enkele vrijwilligers
14 May 2023

Finally own berth and new research boat for clean-up canoe fleet!

The plastic spotter canoe fleet finally has its own official mooring and this was inaugurated for the first time on Sunday, May 7! With six dark green clean-up canoes and a research boat, the organization De Grachtwacht collects together with volunteers every Sunday garbage from the canal and does research on the waste.

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Liselotte en Auke Florian 27 april Koningsdag speelgoed uit de gracht
24 April 2023

Kingsday canal sale

From inflatable crocodiles and parrots to nice toys and glasses, we find some great things during our weekly clean-up. Also this year we want to give these canal finds a second life! Visit us during Kingsday and get your own special find from the canal, between 10 AM and 5 PM.

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Foto voor homepage grachtwacht expo AZL
10 December 2022

Exhibition 'Operation garbagedump'

From surgical scissors and urinary tubes to pharmacy bottles, X-ray sheets and uranium glass. Accidently, one of our volunteers stumbled upon a 100-year-old dump of hospital waste, in the Zijl River, near Leiden.

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