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Eend April 2
01 April 2022

The first of April, litter in your bill

But litter is no joke. Especially plastic rings are dangerous for ducks, and unfortunately deadly for this duck from Alphen aan den Rijn who wasn't saved on time. That's why it is so important to clean-up (your) litter. You can visit him now 24/7 in our window exhibition, in the bridgehouse on the Marebrug, Leiden.

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Marktafval van één clean up Foto Grachtwacht Auke Florian Hiemstra
02 February 2022

Markt grootste vervuiler van Leiden

Meer dan 65 witte plastic tasjes, stapels dozen en piepschuimen bakken en 70 grote vellen bloemenfolie dreven in de Leidse gracht afgelopen zondag. En zo is het elke week raak. De markt is de grootste veroorzaker van zwerfafval in Leiden. Dat kan zo niet langer. De clean-up kanovloot Plastic Spotter roept de gemeente Leiden op tot actie

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17 December 2021

Face mask angels in the bridgehouse!

Thousands of single-use face masks were collected over the past two years, some of which we stored. Volunteer Pieter knew how to re-use them in a great way and folded them into Christmas angels! Together with volunteer Thalassa he decorated the bridge house with the angels and some Christmas lights! Come and check it out!

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