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Other News June 17, 2023

Collect cigarette butts on Saturday, July 1, during the Plastic Butt Smutt

For the third time, we are collecting as many cigarette butts as possible and taking action against this source of pollution! Sign up now. We will take care of the materials and some food.

As many cigarette butts as possible, we will pick up, for the third year in a row! Together with 58 other cities and more than 10 other countries!
We will all gather at 11:00 on the Mare Bridge for a group photo and to hand you the necessary materials. We expect everyone back with the collected butts no later than 14:00. And again this year there will be a delicious bagel waiting for participants upon their return, thanks to BetterBagels on the Lange Mare! Sign-up via this form:

All butts will be counted and the numbers passed on to the organization 'Plastic Butts Collective'! They are campaigning for a ban on the plastic filter. More information about them can be found here: https://plasticpeukencollectie...